Risk Reporting

Axioma Risk PDF Reports provide a concise, consistent and sharable snapshot of the daily risk profile of your portfolios and funds – allowing you to quickly assess your portfolio’s risk and easily share this analysis with stakeholders.


Begin your work day with intuitive reports. Axioma’s print-ready PDF reports run overnight and are available at the start of each business day.

Reg reporting

All major components of your risk analysis are in a single document that can be easily shared with your clients and stakeholders. The reports are designed to lead you through your analysis:

  • Start at a high level with your exposures, risk summary statistics (for example, active risk, beta, and VaR) and top-level decomposition of your risk.
  • Dive deeper with more in-depth analysis, including historical and transitive stress tests. The reports also identify which historical events are most relevant to your portfolio.
  • Compare fixed income analytics, including key-rate duration analysis, with those from your benchmark.
  • Evaluate the risk decomposition for each asset class.

Our reports provide a basis for investigation, allowing you to identify and focus on the aspects of your risk profile that require further analysis.

Axioma Risk: The Next Generation Risk Management System

A "unified" multi-asset class risk management platform for middle-to-front office users, providing portfolio managers, risk officers, asset owners and consultants with risk reporting, risk analysis and decision support for multi-asset class portfolios.

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