Experience Your Data Differently

Axioma’s interactive dashboards are a part of the new workflow for portfolio and risk management

Risk data is usually trapped in the world of spreadsheets, disparate databases, and static reports. With our interactive dashboards, you’ll visualize your equity and multi-asset class portfolios in a different way and gain unparalleled insight.


All of Your Data in One View

Our cloud-hosted data warehouse manages your risk, performance and portfolio data in one system – eliminating the costly and time-consuming burden of aggregating data. You will start your day with a comprehensive understanding of your risk-return profile – not running and merging reports.

Axioma Data & Analytics Center

Highly Customizable for Your Needs

Your dashboard is your unique vantage point. You’ll have an intuitive workflow to review your portfolio and make informed investment decisions.


Our dashboards are your daily action plan – you’ll understand what’s changed in your portfolio and see what demands your attention.


Stay Informed

The dashboards highlight where you may be out of alignment with your target strategy – meaning you won’t miss an opportunity to make a valuable correction.


Track Your Risk Levels Through Time

Risk is not a static number. Axioma’s dashboards allow managers to track changes in risk, tracking error and volatility over time. You’ll quickly identify trends that may not have been obvious and gain perspective on where your portfolio may be headed.


Know What Factors are Affecting your Risk Profile

Drill down into your risk analytics for a deeper understanding of your risk profile. View overall or fund risk by country, industry, asset class, security and underlying market factors. You’ll also be able to see your total risk compared with your active risk.


Prepare for unpredictable market behavior

At a glance, understand how your portfolio would react to a variety of potential market events. In one view, see how various shocks, such as a decrease in oil prices or an increase in volatility, could impact your portfolio.

View Your Data from Any Direction

Top-down, bottom-up or side-by-side. With our powerful dashboards, you’ll have the flexibility to see your numbers from your preferred vantage point. You’ll have the ability to visualize your funds side-by-side and seamlessly compare risk analytics from individual funds.

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Export and Share Robust Reports

Axioma’s interactive dashboards will change the way you work – eliminating the need for static reports. But what if you need to share insight with clients or management? Our built-in reporting functionality enables you to create visually compelling and intuitive PDFs.

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