Axioma Reporting Solutions

We know that asset managers face intensifying reporting demands from regulators across the globe. These demands require greater transparency and increased internal cooperation, and many asset managers face challenges without integrated, scalable systems in place. Our straight-through processing solution gives our clients a manageable, future-proof way to address these challenges.

But we are more than just a software solution provider -- our clients have access to our highly qualified team of specialists to ensure filings are complete. The benefits of Axioma Reporting Solutions go beyond time-saving reporting efficiencies. You’ll have complete, on-demand transparency into the reporting process that you can’t get from other providers or your fund administrator – from knowing who supplied the underlying data to how every number was calculated. Your middle and back offices will start speaking the same language.

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  • Consistency across regulatory reports
  • Scalable processes and streamlined data aggregation that allow for rapid expansion into multiple reporting categories
  • Proficient regulatory specialists who continuously engage in research, ensuring their knowledge and our system is current
  • Enhanced transparency through robust audit trails, exception and difference reporting, and version controls
  • Instant drill-downs to quickly understand how calculations are made and what data is being used
  • Easy and timely retrieval of stored information

Axioma Reporting Solutions

Our integrated solution is designed to facilitate the preparation and submission of an expanding and complex set of reporting requirements from global regulatory bodies, including the SEC, CFTC, FCA, and ESMA.


Form N-PORT, part of the SEC Modernization reforms, became effective January 2017. It enables the SEC to evaluate risks to particular funds or sectors, as well as risk across the fund industry. 


From data mapping to report population through report filing, our solution manages every step of the Form-PF reporting process. From our central, secure data repository, we find synergies across Form-PF, CPO-POR, and Annex IV in order to facilitate the preparation of multiple forms and meet increasingly complex regulatory requirements.

AIFMD Annex IV Reporting

AIFMD Annex IV presents managers with the most costly and onerous reporting obligations to date. Axioma has extensive experience with complex reporting requirements like AIFMD Annex IV and is able to assist clients with every step of the filing process to facilitate smooth and on-time reporting.

Commodity Pool Operators CPO-PQR

Enacted in 2012, Form CPO-PQR is the commodity equivalent of Form-PF and requires registered Commodity Pool Operators to file on either a quarterly or annual basis depending on the amount of assets under management in addition to scope of business activity.


UCITS (Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities) refers to a set of European Union Directives that established a harmonized framework for the creation, management and marketing of retail collective investment schemes in the EU (and EEA) Member States, with a strong focus on investors’ protection and product regulation.

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