10 Years Since the Global Financial Crisis

The financial industry has changed radically since the global financial crisis. The challenge, to quote H. G. Wells, is clear: firms must adapt…or perish. What insights, tools, solutions, technologies, and innovations can help firms succeed? We are drawing on the acumen and research of thought-leaders at Axioma, to provide practical views of pathways to stronger performance in these challenging times. 


Ten years on – When it comes to risk, one size never fits all

As with previous crises, 2008 was a catalyst for many changes across the investment industry. Some of these were knee-jerk reactions, others more fundamental changes to business, regulation, investor protection and transparency. Investment risk is one area that has seen significant change, but at the same time, has also remained bogged down in details and data.

See what changed in the last 10 years and learn where more change is necessary and likely to come.



Risk tools with the ability to crank up to “11”

To support the growing data requirements post-crisis, there has been a deeper industry-wide focus on data lineage, which is the data lifecycle that includes the data’s origins, its flows, transformations and end usage within an organization or by customers. Additionally, the persistent emphasis on maximum data precision has always been the case within the risk space.   

Why is it important to treat data as a key business asset?



10 Years on from the Lehman Collapse – What Have I Learned?

Ten years ago, Christoph Schon, Executive Director, Applied Research, was working at the Lehman Brothers' European headquarter. In this blog post, Christoph writes about his experience and shares the lessons learned.  

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A Changed World for Financials?

An anniversary is often a time to reflect. While many view the September 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers as the onset of the global financial crisis, signs of trouble appeared much earlier. Financial stocks were already starting to slide as early as February 2007, and the market peaked in October of that year. So, while we are observing the “official” anniversary of Lehman’s demise in September, clearly things had begun to unravel well before.

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Is Growth in Indexing Just the Beginning?

The world of indexing has seen explosive growth since the GFC. Today, more than 3 million equity indices are being calculated – putting the ratio of calculated indices to listed equities at an astounding 60:1. On the back of this secular shift, the three largest index providers - S&P Dow Jones Indices, MSCI and FTSE Russell - have netted more than a billion dollars in combined revenue in just the first half of this year. 

What’s the reason behind this change?