Evolution in Buy-Side Risk Management Technology

More than ever, investment managers need access to comprehensive, flexible and reliable technology to manage risk in this fast-moving and complex market environment. Learn about the current state of risk management tools for the buy-side, why Axioma was named a best-in-class solution, and how risk managers are thinking about the future of technology.


The ‘Global Technology Crisis’: Modernize or Bust

The business of investment management has a technology crisis on its hands – a crisis that not only undercuts the ability of institutions to compete, but costs firms huge sums of money. Unlike the global financial crisis, which dropped like a bomb, the tech crisis has taken 20 years to materialize. In fact, it has seeped into the industry so slowly that few saw it coming, and even fewer grasp the dimensions of its impact. .

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Cloud native vs. cloud hosted: The differences are big…and they matter

The cloud is “in.” In fact, being in the cloud is fast becoming de rigueur for investment managers who want to send a message to all constituents—clients, investors, partners, competitors, you name it—that they are technologically “with-it.” But dig a little deeper, and you often find that firms have simply switched to a cloud-hosted infrastructure, rather than a thoroughly modern cloud-native environment. Granted, both approaches offer technology with benefits, but as Fabien Couderc, Chief Strategy Officer of Axioma, explains here, the advantages of cloud native far exceed those of cloud hosted.

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Aite Group Names Axioma Best-of-Breed Risk Solutions Provider  

Aite Group, an independent research and advisory firm, has named Axioma as a best-of-breed risk solutions provider in its report Buy-Side Risk AIM: Bastion of Best-of-Breed. The report surveyed eighteen leading buy-side risk vendors and assessed them in an Aite Impact Matrix (AIM) on the criteria of vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services. Axioma scored highly across all categories to achieve best-in-class position among the solutions benchmarked in the AIM.

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Evolving Priorities in Buy-Side Risk Management Technology

Market turmoil and global events led to a major decline in equity markets by the end of 2018. Did active managers cope with the fall and did risk management models and systems make the grade? What are the current requirements of risk technology and how will these needs evolve in the future? 

In this webinar, we discussed the challenges buy-side firms face and their top requirements for risk management technology.   

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Axioma's cloud-native buy-side risk management technology is powered by Microsoft Azure.