Nov 2016

  • November 29, 2016

    Recording- Insights from the Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor

    Axioma has launched a new, complimentary report that highlights recent trends in market and portfolio risk and the impact on a multi-asset class portfolio.

    The Multi-Asset Class Risk Monitor includes:
    - Recent multi-asset factor correlations and volatilities
    - Treasury curves, yield, spread and foreign exchange rate histories
    - Portfolio risk analysis and stress tests

    We invite you to watch our recent webinar as Axioma's Christoph Schon, Applied Research Director, shares how to use the new Risk Monitor to gain insights into your investment process.

    Watch the webinar replay >

    We will publish the report on Tuesdays, and the data will be as of the previous Friday. Please consider subscribing to our email newsletter if you're interested in receiving the report's weekly highlights in your inbox.