Aug 2018

  • August 13 - August 18, 2018

    Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp

    Axioma is a proud sponsor of the Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp.

    This 6-day intensive quantitative course consolidates portfolio managers’ and risk managers’ expertise into a structured and rigorous quantitative framework and empowers avid learners with science backgrounds to gain deep technical knowledge in order to excel in the complex world of quantitative trading, asset management, and risk management.

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    In 50 hours of instruction (37 hours lectures + 13 hours review sessions) the training program covers data science and machine learning; classical/Bayesian multivariate statistics and econometrics; financial analytics, market, credit & liquidity risk management; estimation error and model risk; and much more

    -On-site: intense 6-day training/networking event, with weekly preparations reading, and review sessions.
    -Online:curated video lectures, embedded in the ARPM Lab for immediate access to all supporting tools.

    Choose whether to attend the ARPM Bootcamp onsite in 6 packed days, or online at your own pace.

    Revisit theory, case studies, Python & MATLAB code, simulation clips, exercises, slides in the ARPM Lab online available for months upon enrollment.

    -Gala Dinner: (first 330 on-site registrants) dine and socialize with world-renowned quants and industry leaders; plus lottery, charity, and more...
    -Social Mixer: mingle with ~500 practitioners and academics; chat, play, and share mempries and photos.
    -Breaks: multiple, informal occasions to network with like-minded fellow attendees.

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