Sep 2018

  • September 6, 2018

    A Multi-Asset Class Tactical Allocation Workflow

    Tactical Asset Allocation is a process to realign a long-term portfolio with the short or medium-term market trends of the current time. It often takes the form of a de-risking exercise in a risk-off environment, but can also be alpha-seeking given the forecast for a strong-enough but transient systematic source of return. In this webinar, we walked through a tactical de-risking workflow using Axioma’s global multi-asset class model portfolio. Starting with a risk analysis of the current strategic portfolio, we detailed the construction workflow of three risk-based alternatives designed to drive the total volatility of the portfolio to more acceptable levels in the face of an increasingly volatile and uncertain risk environment. 

    In this webinar Olivier d'Assier, Head of Applied Research, APAC covered risk analysis of a multi-asset class portfolio, the impact of changing cross-asset class correlations on the design and resulting risk of the candidate portfolios, and the evaluation/selection of proposed alternatives using both the Axioma Risk and Axioma Portfolio platforms.

    Watch the recording here.