Regulatory Reporting

Everything You Need To Know About the New PRIIPs Directive

The PRIIPs was introduced on 1st January 2018. Six months later, we take a closer look at how this regulation impacted the market and investors.

Posted 05.30.18 Nicola Le Brocq

What is the total cost of ownership of regulatory reporting?

The upside to greater regulatory oversight is more transparency and reporting standardisation; but at what cost? 

Posted 04.01.18 Nicola Le Brocq

What does the SEC's Modification to N-PORT Submission Really Mean?

The SEC issued a press release announcing a nine-month delay in the submission of the upcoming Form N-PORT regulation. But what does this mean? 

Posted 12.20.17 Denis Tarpey

Your SEC modernization road map: The latest on Filing N-PORT and N-CEN

We’ve analyzed documentation and specifications related to SEC modernization and provided a synopsis of key items relating to filing N-PORT.

Posted 09.13.17 Nicola Le Brocq