Industry Insights

Conversation with BCI: New Platform Can Help Accelerate SDI Adoption in the Americas

We caught up with one of the asset owners of the SDI AOP, Jennifer Coulson from British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI).

Posted 09.21.20 Axioma

Conversation with AustralianSuper: Sustainable Development Goals more relevant than ever

We put a few questions to Andrew Gray to learn more about the utility of standardized SDI data, and his thoughts on ESG against a COVID-19 backdrop.

Posted 09.16.20 Axioma

Entis: Artificial and Human Intelligence Combine to Identify Sustainable Development Investments

By bringing together their experience in artificial intelligence, structured and unstructured data, Entis helps to create actionable insights for investors.

Posted 09.08.20 Wim Scheper, Ph.D.

A conversation with PGGM: Contributing to a ‘livable world’ in practice

We sat down with Gert-Jan Sikking, Senior Advisor, Responsible Investment at PGGM, to discuss the SDI AOP project, and why they decided to share their insights with the world.

Posted 09.04.20 Axioma