Olivier d'Assier - Managing Director, Applied Research - APAC

Olivier d'Assier is Head of Applied Research, APAC, for Axioma and is responsible for generating unique regional insights into risk trends by leveraging and analyzing Axioma's vast data on market and portfolio risk. d'Assier's research helps clients and prospects better understand and adapt to the evolving risk environment in the Asia Pacific.

Most recent articles by Olivier d'Assier

Mirror, mirror on the wall, will 2019 be the fairest of them all?

It's that time of year - strategists polish their crystal ball in an effort to extract from scraps of evidence a self-evident truth about things yet to come to life.

Posted 11.27.18 Olivier d'Assier

Thinking about catching a falling knife? Do the math first.

After the recent stock market rout, a friend contacted me to get my take on some “financial advice” he’d received from his broker.

Posted 10.29.18 Olivier d'Assier

Has the Tech Bubble Returned?

Using the Russell 1000 as our sample US Equities portfolio, we set out to compare today’s exposures to the AX-US4 Tech sector industry factors with their 1999 counterpart.

Posted 10.24.18 Olivier d'Assier

Insightful New Spread Curves Ahead

In this post we examine how the richness of high quality issuer and sector spread curves enables us to visualize investors’ changing risk aversion to various risk events.

Posted 09.20.18 Olivier d'Assier

US Interest Rate Increase Hits Emerging Markets, But None More Than Turkey

Emerging markets are first to get hurt when the US raises interest rates. This is particularly true for those with large USD denominated debt and account deficits, such as Turkey.

Posted 08.27.18 Olivier d'Assier