Olivier d'Assier - Managing Director, Applied Research - APAC

Olivier d'Assier is Head of Applied Research, APAC, for Axioma and is responsible for generating unique regional insights into risk trends by leveraging and analyzing Axioma's vast data on market and portfolio risk. d'Assier's research helps clients and prospects better understand and adapt to the evolving risk environment in the Asia Pacific.

Most recent articles by Olivier d'Assier

As COVID Cases Soar, So Do Investor Fears — and the Parallels Are Striking

There is no denying the psychological impact that the word “pandemic” can have on investors globally, especially when it is followed by headlines containing the words “global recession".

Posted 03.23.20 Olivier d'Assier

Equity Markets Fell, Are Angels Next?

The well-publicized fall in equity markets may have overshadowed a potentially much more impactful risk from the corporate bond market – that of fallen angels.

Posted 03.19.20 Olivier d'Assier

Sectors Have Feelings Too: Developing a Sector-Based Sentiment Indicator

Last year we introduced the Qontigo ROOF Scores as a market sentiment indicator. Recently, it occurred to us that a similar indicator could be derived using sectors.

Posted 03.10.20 Olivier d'Assier

Cometh the Bad News, Befalleth the Selling

The US market has been broadly aligned with investor sentiment since early October. Then, news of the coronavirus outbreak in China hit the front pages.

Posted 02.25.20 Olivier d'Assier

What does it take to recover from the coronavirus? Mostly time and liquidity.

As both cases and news about the coronavirus are spreading fast across the world, many investors are asking how they can prepare for the impact of a possible wider outbreak.

Posted 01.30.20 Olivier d'Assier