Melissa R. Brown, CFA - Managing Director of Applied Research

As Managing Director of Applied Research, Melissa Brown generates unique insights into risk trends by consolidating and analyzing the vast amount of data on market and portfolio risk maintained by Axioma. Brown’s perspectives help both clients and prospects to better understand and adapt to the constantly changing risk environment.

Most recent articles by Melissa R. Brown, CFA

Value Takes a Beating as Tech Stocks Surge

It’s no secret that tech stocks are driving markets higher and have been important contributors to portfolio returns. But what about their impact on value-based strategies?

Posted 02.11.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

With Recent Performance Weak, It’s Time to Look at the Facts Behind Factor Investing…

Factor indices have been underperforming of late. For investors with shorter investment horizons, that may be enough said. But what about those with a long-term focus?

Posted 02.03.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

To Combine Factors or To Combine Portfolios? That Is the Question for the Smart Beta Investor…

The launch of the STOXX factor indices has enabled us to do more research into a variety of factor-related topics.

Posted 01.29.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

Curiouser and Curiouser: Reflections on 2019 Factor Performance or “Shortchanged by the No-Short Constraint”

Many quant managers are having a tough year. While one might blame factors in general, their returns do not tell the whole story (or even the bulk of the story).

Posted 11.11.19 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

Axioma’s New Canada Model Adds Macroeconomic Sensitivities

We have added two other factors to the new model that reflect the unique composition of the Canadian economy: residual gold sensitivity and residual oil sensitivity.

Posted 08.22.19 Melissa R. Brown, CFA