Fabien Couderc - Managing Director, Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Fabien provides strategic technology and product leadership and oversight, collaborating with multiple teams across Axioma to ensure that the development, delivery and functionality of our products and solutions are optimally targeted to both existing client needs and emerging market opportunities. He previously led Axioma’s Enterprise Product Development Team. Fabien’s expertise spans multi-asset class investments, credit risk and market risk management, and he has about 20 years of experience in the finance industry.

Most recent articles by Fabien Couderc

Top Tech Trends in Portfolio & Risk Management

Portfolio and risk management is undergoing a revolution. The technology landscape is changing and the analytics arms race is heating up, but what trends are worth paying attention to?


Posted 07.19.18 Fabien Couderc

Why Asset Managers Should Embrace An API-First Approach

APIs provide many advantages for adopters and are a necessary component of a modern technology stack.

Posted 05.21.18 Fabien Couderc

Cloud-Native vs. Cloud-Hosted: How Modern Architecture Makes the Most of Technology

Ten years ago, most financial institutions wanted nothing to do with the cloud, given perceived security and privacy risks. What a difference a decade makes. 

Posted 04.30.18 Fabien Couderc