Walid Bandar - Executive Director, Qontigo

As Executive Director at Qontigo, Walid Bandar is responsible for product specialist teams, ensuring that clients are using Axioma’s products in the most optimal way. Prior to joining Axioma in 2015, Walid was at Northern Trust and Barra.

Most recent articles by Walid Bandar

Frequently Tax Optimize or Drift Away and Lose Tax Alpha

When clients invest in tax-managed investment strategies, their goal is to track the model portfolio, while harvesting as many losses as possible.

Posted 05.01.20 Walid Bandar

Want to Optimize Risk and Return? Be Tax-Aware!

We will explore the tax functionality of the Axioma Optimizer through the use of a fictional case study of a company that is managing investments.

Posted 03.28.18 Walid Bandar