Value Takes a Beating as Tech Stocks Surge

It’s no secret that tech stocks are driving markets higher and have been important contributors to portfolio returns. But what about their impact on value-based strategies?

Posted 02.11.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

N-PORT Requirements for Small Entities: Time to Start Filing is Near

In June 2018, the SEC began to require large registered investment companies to report their monthly position holdings under Form N-PORT. It’s time for smaller companies to follow suit.

Posted 02.07.20 Jinyan Li

With Recent Performance Weak, It’s Time to Look at the Facts Behind Factor Investing…

Factor indices have been underperforming of late. For investors with shorter investment horizons, that may be enough said. But what about those with a long-term focus?

Posted 02.03.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA

Investors Turn to Utilities to Immunize Portfolios Against Coronavirus Volatility

Investors flocked to US Utilities, a defensive sector that could help immunize portfolios against volatility caused by the growing coronavirus outbreak.

Posted 01.31.20 Diana R. Baechle, PhD

What does it take to recover from the coronavirus? Mostly time and liquidity.

As both cases and news about the coronavirus are spreading fast across the world, many investors are asking how they can prepare for the impact of a possible wider outbreak.

Posted 01.30.20 Olivier d'Assier

To Combine Factors or To Combine Portfolios? That Is the Question for the Smart Beta Investor…

The launch of the STOXX factor indices has enabled us to do more research into a variety of factor-related topics.

Posted 01.29.20 Melissa R. Brown, CFA