Axioma works closely with its business partners as part of a continuous effort to enhance the quality of its products and its service to customers.


Axioma’s full suite of equity risk models and industry leading portfolio optimization capabilities are available via the FactSet platform. FactSet combines integrated financial information, analytical applications, and client service to enhance the workflow and productivity of the global investment community.

Axioma Portfolio Analytics, a portfolio risk and return analytics application, and Risk Model Machine, the combination of Axioma software and risk models enabling users to build custom risk models tailored to their own investment process, can integrate and redistribute CS HOLT’s fundamental-factor data.  CS HOLT’s valuation tools are widely used to assess corporate performance, generate new investment ideas and evaluate current investments.  

Axioma works with Goldman Sachs to offer the Goldman Sachs Shortfall Model within Axioma Portfolio. Axioma is a member of the Goldman Sachs Signature Program, which enables seamless and integrated access to a broad array of systems, software, business information and other important services uniquely adapted to meet the needs of Goldman Sachs' clients.