Axioma Risk

Axioma Risk is an enterprise-wide risk-management system that enables clients to obtain timely, consistent and comparable views of risk across the entire organization and across all asset classes.
With its robust cloud-based technology and interactivity, clients can run scenarios, stress tests and analytics at will and in response to a changing investment landscape.
Clients can configure our multi-asset class risk management system and the reports it generates in ways that are consistent with their own assumptions and viewpoints, using their own inputs rather than those of a vendor or third party.

Along with its multiple modelling options—fundamental, factor, statistical and granular views—Axioma Risk provides incomparable insights into the constantly evolving state of risk.

  • Delivers extensive risk measures for portfolios with differing underlying strategies, asset classes, and investment horizons, enabling institutions to replace multiple systems with a single risk analytics platform for both risk-control and front-office functions
  • Provides analytics with integrated market data and terms & conditions data for over five million active and ten million inactive fixed income, derivative, and equity securities across all major currencies and liquid emerging markets
  • Decompose with fixed income, equity and commodity factor models
  • Evaluate with a granular risk model
  • Choose either linear approximation or simulation-based full revaluation models
  • Includes a flexible and sophisticated stress-testing framework, which enables you to stress any factor, choose from and customize a wide variety of preconfigured historical stress tests and conduct transitive stress tests, which forecast the impact of a shifted factor on other factors
  • Keep a time series of your risk analysis, enabling backtests of VaR models and monitoring of trends in risk measures
  • Hosted and on-site deployment options to meet client information security requirements
  • Combine Axioma methodologies with user-defined factor inputs and yield curve data

Axioma Risk: The Next-Generation Risk Management System

A “unified” multi-asset class risk management platform for middle-to-front office users, providing portfolio managers, risk officers, asset owners and consultants with risk reporting, risk analysis and decision support for multi-asset class portfolios.

Case Study: SEB's Implementation of Axioma Risk

Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (SEB), one of the largest financial institutions in northern Europe with more than €180 billion in assets under management, implements Axioma Risk to create “one of the most sophisticated risk systems in the world”.

Greek Crisis 2015: Stress Testing Scenarios for Asset Management Portfolios

In this paper, Axioma researchers explore the history of the current Greek crisis, review approaches taken by market practitioners to stress testing, outline potential scenarios that portfolio managers may wish to examine and show how Axioma's risk management and portfolio analytics tools can be applied to stress test a model portfolio of European bonds and equities.

Top 400: Preventive Medicine

Ian Webster, Axioma’s managing director, Europe, discusses the importance—and inevitable transformation–of risk management in a post-financial-crisis world.

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