Sebastian Ceria - Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Ceria is Chief Executive Officer of Axioma and founded the company in 1998. Prior to Axioma, Sebastian was an Associate Professor of Decision, Risk and Operations at Columbia Business School from 1993 to 1998. Sebastian has worked extensively in the area of robust optimization and its application to portfolio management.  

Most recent articles by Sebastian Ceria

Beware of taking labels at face value

Although many exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have similar names, they are unlikely to deliver similar returns. There were significant differences in the performance of US high-dividend funds in the wake of the country’s presidential election last year. The big drop in the oil price also affected funds with similar names differently.

Posted 05.16.17 Sebastian Ceria

Why Do So Many Asset Managers Continue to Rely on Old Risk Management Systems?

Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, legacy technology slows adoption of new-generation, enterprise-wide solutions and tools.

Posted 02.24.17 Sebastian Ceria