I am shocked – shocked – to hear that impeachment talk is going on in this market!

I recently attended a large quant conference in Hong Kong during which I overheard some of the participants – not me - discussing what the recent political noise out of the US ...

Posted 06.22.17 Olivier d'Assier

What's Trending in Investment Risk Management?

It is critical that risk professionals have a keen understanding of market trends and their implications for portfolio management, optimization, risk assessment and regulatory compliance.

Posted 06.20.17 Steve Mann

Stormy week for Gilts; Less negative relationship between equity and fixed income drives portfolio risk higher

Last week, Gilt yields took a choppy ride, starting with an 8-basis point surge in the 10-year benchmark rate on Tuesday to its highest level since April 2012.

Posted 06.19.17 Christoph Schon, CFA, CIPM

So, the opinion polls don’t always get it wrong after all!

One lesson we have learned from these recent referendums and elections is that voters cannot be relied on to do what politicians, and financial markets, expect them to do.

Posted 06.16.17 Christoph Schon, CFA, CIPM

Equity Risk Monitor Insights

Once a week, we publish a summary of the highlights from the prior week, using Axioma’s risk models and analytic tools to transform data into information.

Posted 06.16.17 Melissa Brown, CFA

Gilt yields fall after surprise election result; Pound down, FTSE up in familiar pattern

Last week, we saw British Gilts outperform their US and German counterparts, as the general election on Thursday, June 8, resulted in a so-called “hung” parliament.

Posted 06.12.17 Christoph Schon, CFA, CIPM